Friday, February 19, 2010

Love is at resistance


So bored one, so many people go Malaysia -.-
Then during chinese new year so bored nobody to sms with-.-
DAMN -.-
Day one went to ahma's house, stay there for the whole and wait for people to come.
Kinda bored as there's nothing to do manzxc.
Also got go to my another grandma's house, mother's, go till afternooon then cab back to ahma's.
Then wait for cousin's to come la, then soon went to eat lunch...

At night played blackjack with cousin and family^^v
Win about 10 bucks? Hah^^v
Day two
Went to mother's brother house.
Played with two little cousin, they damn cute la^^v
Then play mahjong too^^v
Keep winning alright, very lucky.
Stay at there till 9 something then go home.
Day 3
Went to Samantha's and yianping's house^^v
Then Samantha they all came to my house too.
Mummy's brother family came too.

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