Saturday, February 27, 2010

TTL ( Time To Love)

Hello people ^^v
Ps, i couldn't find any picture so use the one that i never post before one.
Commont test over already manzxc! Like FINALLY la !
Got back my Geog, chinese and d&t
21/25, 30/60 and 19/50

Yesterday went to celebrate Yuuchi's birthday.
Went her house after school
Bus-ed to jurong point
Pepper lunch
Shop for her present
Then went home.
That's about it.

Today morning need go school for the trybe thing
Kinda boring, last year one one fun manzxc.
This year one like so long.
Then after that went to jurong point alone la x.x

Around 5 go out together with family to yoi chu kang there.
To celebrate ahyi's daughter birthday.
Had dinner there, the food is nice but kinda cold la.
Ate some cake then go home already.

Shall wait for another 5 or 10 months.
Still hasn't decide yet.
Don't want to care about this first la
Only will make me sad .

Done updating my blog already ah.
Must come tag la.

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