Saturday, April 17, 2010


Yesterday was our race day.
Woke up early in the morning, brush teeth, change and eat.
At around 6 i went to wait for bus, hmm...i was kinda too early.
So i meet Natalie at lakeside, when we reach school, there;s already many dragonboaters there.
Hah, then waited for everybody and the bus to come. The bus only come at 7.30.
Suppose to be at 7 but it's late. ZZZ

Anyway, we got on bus, it was rain and kinda cold. Brrrrr~
Actually wanted to help Nat to tie the flower bun but some people say must tie scopio -.-
Kinda upset but forget it. Damn.
Then sleep for while, listen to music and read magazine^^v

Soon we reach bodok, then we quickly walk in to the reporting place...
Did warm up and lidten to teacher, coach and Shronn talk.
Was kinda nervous and excited too (:
Was happy that we made it to the final, and got the second place (:

Although, the boys lost their first place and gotten secong instead.
We still got the national on the coming friday.
So don't give up ^^v
Shall end here.

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