Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Hello people, it's currently 10.40
And in other 1 hour and 20 min it will be 00.00
26 MAY 2010 ^^v Woohoo~

Weisiang's birthday, he's getting older, 19 already O:
Sadly he is gonna spend his birthday in ns, pathetic.
But i gonna count down leh, how good of me please.
Later he got guard duty somemore,damn poor thing ):
Anyway, i hope i'll be able to stay awake till 12.
But i'm sleepy and tired, worst i lied to him saying i'm not.
Opps, guess he'll be angry if he know but hope he'll be touched.
HAH, okay shall stop with the crap.

Ending here first.
Good luck to me then (:

xoxo BABY.J ^^~

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