Friday, May 28, 2010

Neo Eobtneun Sesangi

I took the picture myself, not very clear. PS ):
Hello, today went to school to take report book.
Class position 5/40
Level position 11/80
After that went to MAC with Yianping, Shirley, Yuuchi and Alexie.
Had hotcakes ^^v Fav (:
Then after that play with the left over food again, childish eh. HAH
Went to Alexie's house, her house got dog. "Scream" Me and Shirley damn scare la.___.
Shirley went to hide in Alexie's room when the dog had been let out.
Me sitting on sofa with Yianping (sitting behind her)
Then the dog came running towards us and jump up on the sofa. I freak out, like hell. -.-
So damn scary please.
After that we went home.
I chiong home bath then off to training.
Training was great today, hearts ^^v
LAUGH, just now he called me.
Damn funny nor, keke (:
Shall end, BYEBYE.

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