Friday, June 11, 2010


Today had training.
Girls had their land training first ):
Did running, two runs. (PHEW~) The right side will run together as usual.
Huiting and Joanne lead the run. Not bad, the speed is good and i love it please ^^v
This time we had a better timing then the left side one (:keke
I tell you the last part of the running is like the best alright. Everybody CHIONG AH ^^V
I was at the back one, then i go chiong all the way to the front, i think my leg open damn big lor.

Then after that had land training, damn pissed off one okay. -.-
Shall not talk about it but got something to say.
If you think you can do it better why don't you do it instead of standing there laughing.
When in the first place, IT'S NOT FUNNY AT ALL -.-
Had 8 stations in total, damn tired one lor.

Then after that at 11, had our rowing section. Got three boys rowing with us today.
Shannon, kopi and nigel.
We did the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 min thingy. With two tyres, which is like damn heavy.
And we are all dying please, so tired one nor ):
Then after that we did 5,3o. The odd number pairs timing is 25sec while the even is 23.
Not bad nor, NATALIE EH ^^v
Then after that for together, the last one we did was 22 sec. Woohoo, same as guys leh.
I think, then rain nor, again -.-

Soon we keep the boat, something bad happen nor.
Got a millipede on my foot again, i freak out please. Then got one big one oh farha's.
Eeyer, give me the creeps only ):
Okayy, then we had mud spa again. LOL! (:

Take bag, warm down, debrief and dismiss ^^v
Change my clothing then off to jurong point with team mates ^^v
So excited cause going out for lunch with my dear juniors .
Had Pizza hut, we crap alot please.
Jasmine kept laughing till she spiltthe coke in her mouth. Then we all shock then burst into laughs. KEKE ;D
Then soon we got tired of waiting our food then keep saying the waitress. Hah.
Soon the food is serve, everybody eat so fast lor. I like eat till so slow, then they say i eat till very gentle. SHY PLEASE. :$
After that Biyan go play with food, adding pepper, cheese, dry chilli in the coke with (TOE-MAY-TOE) by me (: That makes the whole drink rock. I was the first to try, my droplet only.
The taste sucks like hell, eeyer.
Then after that Biyan came up a ideal, play game (: Lose must drink the rock hell drink^^v
So after going one round, Huiting, Jasmine, Nat, Joanne, Biyan and Sarah all got to drink it.
Only i don't have, big winner ^^v WOOHOO~

After that we went home already.

xoxo JOEY

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