Monday, June 14, 2010


No tag already manzxc.
Maybe i shall update lesser, since no tag already.
Life's bored manzxc, like seriously-.-
How i wish i could throw my phone away but i wouldn't alright.
How to survive w/o a phone, come on. Maybe i shall switch it off?
But i wouldn't, my hands just couldn't press hard on the off button.

Um, today had training at Kallang. Was alright (:
Training ended early today and there's no land training ^^v
Haha, after training went to Parta again. Having cough still can Parta o:
Okayy crap alot while eating. Jasmine kept laughing, o.o
I seem kinda emo there, abit only but i think can't tell also.
Then after that we mrt home. Damn crap one.
The train came already, then we all rush up to the platform.
Then i was like " Biyan haven't okay yet. WAIT WAIT" Everybody ignore me ):
Then when reach platform, i repeat again, -.- But in the end we made it la.
We all squeeze in the door. Then we laugh, make a lot of noise .__.

Then all listen music and chit chat too.
Soon i alight first, then bus-ed home.
Bath then feel abit fever-lish again );
Then lie down for while, soon my turn for piano lesson.

Teacher said i had improve again ^^v
So happy and proud :$ keke (:
Okayy, then after that went to use computer too.
Dinner while watching Die hard 4. Hah.

Shall end here.
Byebye (:

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