Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Hello readers, i had been living with fear for the past few days. But soon everything will be over after my damn piano exam. I feel so awful and hopeless, nobody to talk to. So all i'll do is cry my feelings and unspoken words out. Although my teacher did ensure me that i'll pass, i'm still so scare and worry, i just wish there will be someone that will ensure me all the time.

School was fine today, nothing much though. Mass run, chem, chinese, english, recess, art, lit then end school Had lunch with Sam they all. Then went home alone, saw my junior at lakeside, he sick man. Hmph, take care ya. Then reach jurong east, bus-ed home. Reach home shower then practise piano for 1 hour, took a nap. Then now using computer. Later i need go memorize the oral thingy for piano. Haiz.

Hmm...Yesterday rock like crap man. Chit chat on phone with Ah tan, damn funny one cause chat half way i press till the mute button tthen he can't hear me. Then after awhile i then realise so i quickly go press unmute then he hang up cause his phone no batt -.- Guagua, zzz. But still, i had fun talking with ah Tan. He makes me feel that everything will be fine, he makes me laugh like how i always do.

Hmm...i shall end here cause there's nothing much to talk about already. I miss you, ^^v

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