Saturday, July 24, 2010

Movie with dragon boat team ^^v

I feeling tire now, suppose to be taking my sweet nap but i can't fall alseep. So i shall update my dead blog. Yesterday went out with db team, movie with them. Inception ^^v The movies is interesting but very hard to understand. I shall watch it again.

Around 6pm, i pack my stuff then do my hair and face. Call biyan, and she told me she at jurong point already. -.- Wtf early please, then she call me faster go. >.< Then soon i went out la, bus-ed alone to jurong point. Usually i take 20 min to reach but yesterday i took 30 min -.- Then reach there walk around, then natalie came. Soon everybody came, had dinner. Then go toilet, saw my junior all over there, dolling themselve. HAH :D Then after that i also la :$ Then went to fine the others, play game at comic connection, we damn noob one. Haha, then after that check phone, miss call ♥ Then i go one corner to chit chat ^^v But after a while been interrupted by somebody, so sad :(

Then buy pop-corn, then go in already. Then we inside damn crap one. me and nat actually found the seat already, then Jasmine say " You two seating at B now leh, should be C" So we change the seat again, then after that " Opps, We now in D, just now the seat is C" -.- CRAP MAMA. Then coach they all seat behind us, me and Jasmine kept laughing. The show very hard to understand, some part abit funny. The movie so long, then the car falling into the water sence after don't know how many 123456789 min then drop -.- HAHA :D

After the movie we all go toilet, hah. Then soon we say byebye, i took cab home alone. ):
Thanks kaiyi, accompany me sms. HAH, that's all la.


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