Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A A A A ^^

Tuesday, 31.8.2010
Today celebrate Teacher's Day and Be Yourself Day. I wore a blue blouse, jacket and leggings. Took a long time to decide what to wear on the night before. Feel so weird to not wear uniform to school when see other school people wearing them. LOL, so shy please. Ohkay, reach school, saw alot people wearing home clothes ^^

Then after that went to class, totally stunned, only the white board nice. Then after that chit chat bit. When down for morning Assembly, then after that had aces day, dancing to MYCA and boom boom pow. I only like YMCA, the boom boom pow is totally robot dance man. HAH :D Then after that had class party. Took photo and eat abit. Dance to Tell me Your Wish too. Then soon need clean up.

After that went to hall for the concert. So many Kpop okay, (Y) Then before the concert start, there's people training sweets to other class among the sec 2, so wth please. >.<>

Everything ended at 11.30, went home alone by mrt. Rush home, change and pack stuff and out of house. Went to post office, waited quite long .___. Then after that wait bus, zzz. I'm the least to rush man while everybody in school eating already. Hmm...everybody seems the same lah. Pretty bored, cause nothing to do.

Reached home bath and sleep. Had a dream man, this few days kept dreaming. Argh >.<>

Shall end, kinda lazy to continue... .___.
Byebye, xox

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