Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The American Diner

Tuesday, 10.8.2010
Hello people, today went jurong point to meet mummy and sister for lunch then after that went to yishu as sister gonna take her braces off (Y) Woke up rather late as no school, no more 6 am alarm. Haha, woke up at around 8? Then went to use computer and eat breakfast at 9.30. Went to watch Vamoire Knight and Vampire Knight gulity. After that shower and get ready to go off.

Mummy reached there first, sister was the last. Hmph. Then after that went to Billy Bombers for lunch. So damn nice alright, later you shall see the picture i took ^^v Haha, shall just tempt you all. Kek, after that train to Yishu. North point was pretty big what, why my friend say there nothing one..

Hmm...took shuttle bus to the hospital.? Then waited for 30min or less for sister's turn. Then blah blah blah... Soon we went back already, like finally. Cause Yishu, got some memories about him and there got quite alot army people -.- Like WTH -.- ZZZ, reached home watch invisable youth. Dinner was great, slept only at 11.30pm. Hmph, actually want read TVD but no time. -.-

Sall end here. Byebye

My new hair cut, see my thick fringe :$
This is the diner that i went.
Lemonade float (Y)
FTW (for the win*)
This is my meal, it's a big amount okay.
Share with sister too :)
This is what my mama and sister eat.

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