Sunday, August 08, 2010

Decision decisions

Sunday, 8.8.2010
I don't know i should feel proud of myself or is this a wrong decision. I told this to myself, i shouldn't text or call him because if he wanted to talk to me, he would. But i know myself well enough, i wouldn't be able to hold back long cause i never will. I always ended up texting him first. Not because i miss him, because i miss the old us that used text everyday.
Can't you be the boy that will be by my side, showing me care and love. It's that simple. That's all i'm asking. I'm not gonna ask you to secure me in your arms or spending your time with me, all i want is to know that i'm yours and to hear you say this to your friends " There she is, my girl". But when will it happen, tell me.
Shall not elaborate, before i start to rain again.
Today was pretty fine, spend the day with my computer. Went for hair cut too, i love my fringe but it's too short. When it gets longer surely very nice one lah. Bhb? I don't give a damn on what you think ^^ Haha, tomorrow gonna watch ndp. Zai man, hah. Hopefully will enjoy and occupy my day. So i wouldn't text him but i really fear that i will. Shall just RIP my fear. Hah, shall end here. Damn man, Kaiyi reply so slow. He came to talk to me in msn leh, Zai nor. Say what " 1st person is think dao you, so talk to you lor" Haha, Ji gandong yi xia please :$
Byebye, xoxo

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