Friday, August 06, 2010

Your Parents

Day 3, Your Parents

You had taken good care of me and giving all the love & concern i need. You always buy clothes and bags for me. Giving me alot of birthday present, saying one after another. Haha. You're just so great but at times you just so .___. Speechless man. But still i love you alot. You're a great mummy, i appreciate every single moment a have with you. ILOVEMUMMY.

You always help me apply medicine on my muscles and injuries. Comforting me when i feel so stress. Telling me that it's okay even if you don't do things well. If you workhard and try your best, it'll be enough. You always encourage me and joke with me when i'm bored. Although you may be fierce at time but still i love you. I appreciate every moment and ILOVEDADDY.


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