Thursday, September 09, 2010

Don't know if I could ever be

Thursday, 9.9.2010
Super! Today went to Mac for breakfast, is was awesome please. Then waited till 9.45 and headed to library with sister while waiting i went to read Breaking Dawn, ♥. Just want to finish it up man, and re-read the whole Twilight Saga again. Hah, madness right? I don't care. HAH :D
Okayy, reached library, time to study man. D: Did my chinese homework first, then did math revision. Studied for like 2 hour and 30min, when to buy lunch at the cafe. Chicken Drumlets and onion rings. It was nice and really really full. After that, i read Breaking Dawn again then back to math. Around 2.10 i stopped studying, was pretty tired. So i pack up first, and continue with the novel. ^^ Soon we went home, great. Gonna take napnap yo ^^v
Woke up use computer, watched Eclipse again. ^^ And i know who is Kaiyi's stead already, shall not talk about it. zzz, last long to Kaiyi only :p Shall end here, byebye

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