Sunday, September 19, 2010

Love is a beautiful struggle

I'm not alone, in even when we're apart
I feel you in the air
-We're be together, Ashley Tisdale
Saturday, 18.9.2010
Woke up at 8 plus in the morning, ate mooncake for breakfast and watched Nancy Drew ^^v Then went to study at 10.10am, suppose to be 10am. Anyway, did alot of math. I studied for like 1hour 3omin only >: Then go jurong point with sister and mama. Burger King for lunch, was awesome, i have to admit i was so damn full. :$

Ohkay, then went to singtel shop. Sister and mummy changing phone ): Waited for like 123456789 hours. LOL, around 2 hours plus? Hmm...look around. I was obsess with "AMODLEH". Samsung Wave lah. LOL, damn nice nor the phone. And i wish my x6 was red and black lahh. Nicer and more cool please. >.<

Soon it was our turn lah, mummy got Iphone and sister took N97 mini. (Y) And i got myself the internet thingy? So damn awesome. \m/ Then bused home with mummy only as sister went to study with her friends. Came home, shower and went to study again ^^ Another 1 hour and 45min. Then went for dinner. After that got the paipai thing. Went to join in the walk with my cousin ^^v

Had alot fun although abit boring.. >.<
Byebye, xoxo

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