Friday, September 17, 2010

Sometimes the eyes say what the lips don't know how to

Friday, 17.9.2010
School was normal today. Had history class test in the morning, it went smoothly ^^ Althought i didn't really complete the ssq. But the essay question totally rock lah, :b After that went for pe lesson, lightning alert, went back class -.- Teacher went through the eof pe paper stuff.
Recess - nothing much lah.
CCM - Had oral exam, totally scare one please. Thought will very difficult but quite okay lah :)
Math - Ms Leron not here again, ): So i just use the time to finish what i have to do lah.
School ended, walked to MRT with Eldrigde, Ah bao and Cheeyong. :$
Home - Lunch, chat on phone, shower, computer and nap ^^
Gonna be studying for the next few weeks. Gonna score well. And after all this crap is over, it'll be time to party. I would want to go out to shop with friends. Meet him once in awhile, to catch up alittle. I JUST WANT A HOLIDAY ♥

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