Saturday, November 27, 2010

Be good to me

Saturday, 27.11.2010
Today morning woke up had a bad sore throat, gosh. After breakfast use computer for awhile then went to shower and prepare. Going out with Ma and Sis, deliver clothes and shopping ^^ Went to alot places before going to bugis and vivo city. Went to eat Ajisen for lunch, was so full please. Good food ! (Y) After that went shopping, bought a top and bottom from HURS. A lace shorts man ^^
After that ma bought a dress too, ^^. After that bus-ed down to vivo city to collect my X6. Hoho, like finally right anot. My phone now look damn new cause they change the phone cover as it is connected to the unlock keypad thingy. Andand, all the songs and everything is still in my phone. Phew~. After that went to Mondo to see foot wear, bought a high heel man :$ . Omg. haha ^^.
Went granny's place for dinner, was delicious like always! Tomorrow will be having steamboat, i think (:. Gonna get fat lahh, need to slim down!! Gonna do 50-100 sit up or resistance sit up everyday ! D: And shall cut down on FAST FOOD! Seriously must have a healthy diet. In less then a month it'll be the Dragon Boat chalet already and i haven't finish my homework.
-Headstart worksheet.
-Phy worksheet
-Chem worksheet.
So far i fully finish 1 subject, 2 homework only D: Math worksheet, still have 19 question. I'm not planning to do my english. I shall just write crap for my chinese compo. Sigh, it'll be great if there's no more paper in the school one day. So they'll stop printing paper. Means no homework. Oror, if somebody could do my homework for me :$ .
Shall end here ^^

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