Thursday, November 18, 2010


Thursday, 18.11.2010

Never felt so neglected before, i am slightly emo about so much things. Firstly, i have no ideal what's wrong with my tummy. Secondly, my fringe doesn't look nice at all. Thirdly, my hair is still at the very same length. Fourthly, i want to have brown hair but i don't wanna dye it cause it'll spoil my hair. Fifthly, i have not start doing my holiday assignment. Sixthly, this holiday is so fully pack with trainings. And, there are things i can't do even though i wanted and PEOPLE SHOULD UNDERSTAND THAT, PERFECTLY. And, why am i so bored all the time.

I somethimes wonder, if there's neverland. Will there be foreverland, and people over there get's old everyday since neverland makes you not able to grow up. Then i'd like to go foreverland for 3days? So i'll grow older. Then i'll skip sec 3,4,5, N & O level ^^ What crap am i talking ?! -.- Okok, enough with the lame. :/

I finally got my skinny jeans, fbt, nude lip gloss and new watch ^^ Awsome. ^^ Okok, i want a new camera. But i don't know take what brand, ohman~ And and, i want the everlast shoebag and tanktop but it's soso expensive man. I want alot alot of money :$$ Opps. Hehe, who doesn't want money man, everybody does. Well, most of them does. So yeah ^^

I seriously can't wait for the Dragon Baot Chalet. Ohmygod :$$ Anyway, i have nothing to type already .__. sO BYEBYE.

X.o.X.o J's

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