Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Rest well B

Me :$

Raymond & Coach Jackson^^

Hoho, look! So hardworking :$

Me & Joanne ^^

Me & Joey ^^

Sunday, 31.10.2010
Went to work at 28th Singapore River Regatta 2010 on Saturday & Sunday with Natalie, Joey.k & Joanne ^^ Had so much fun during the event and after the event on sunday. (:
Woke up early in the morning, heavy rain ): Cold like crap please, tsk. Then went down early to get breakfast, not much appetie though, but still eat abit. (: Then bus-ed down to lakeside mrt to meet them. Waited for the slow poke for so long ><><>
Then after that quite bored. Too bored and free. Nothing to keep me and Natalie busy so i use her phone to take photo yo ^^ Awesome. :b Soon, i saw B arrived ^^ Like finally. Didn't accompany him as i was busy at work ><>
Soon the event ended, dragged for like an hour. Then train back with Natalie, Joey and Joanne. Had alot of fun although it is a tiring day. It was so awesome^^
Woke up slightly later as we are meeting late. Weather was ok, but abit cold though. Bus-ed to Lakeside mrt. TSK, i actually reach 30min early. Wth. So i find a sit and sleep. :Okayy, just close eye and rest only. Hmm..waited for them to come. Finally it's 7.30!! Train down to Raffles place. Report and start work. Help Joanne and Natalie. Got hit by Joanne and drawn by Joey :( Nevermind ._. After that we finish the thing fast ^^ Ate breakfast together like finally. I'm straving ><
After that went to see coach's team. Saw a shuai ge man :$ Handsome ttm please. :$ Awww. Okok, chillax J. Then after that when back to working area. Went to vist mac with Joanne too ^^ Haha, then ran out as i thought the event starting, false alarm :$ Then saw the Shuai Ge again. Awesome or what please ^^ Haha, soon the event started. TIME TIME TIME .__. Argh. Was quite busy as i help the aunty to write the result. Need time, watch and write. Not easy job man. After lunch, she took over. Thank you!!! :$ Ok, then kept facebooking to contact B. Then phone batt so fast flat. HAH. Ate ice cream ^^ Both days also got eat, gonna get fat. But i'm hungry what ><
After that took Raymond's car to Kallang. Slept in the car, but they talk so loud -.- Argh. After that went to Bukit Panjang for dinner. ^^ Train-ed home with Qilong, David and Liang jun. Was a awesome day man ^^
Shall end here.
xoxo J's

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