Tuesday, November 09, 2010

We'll get this through

Tuesday, 9.11.2010

Morning readers, early in the morning have a talk with B. Hmm..everything settled, we'll get through this. We're in this together. "Whatever didn't hit us make us stronger!" Okok enough with this. WHO IS FREE ON NEXT WEDNESDAY?!?! GO CYCLING AT WEST COAST ^^ Please let me know through sms, facebook or msn!!! :D

Hmm..training tomorrow again. Sighhhhhhhh, my body aching like crap please. My shoulder can hardly move D: Can anybody massage for me ^^ That would be brilliant ! Hopefully bby tomorrow it wouldn't hurt so much man. Since there's training tomorrow, gonna run and run and run. :$

Awww, Natalie will be away to Korean, never bring me. Anyway, i'll miss you alright ^^ Come back fast!

Meeting M&M !!!
Shall end here.
11:11 B, iloveyou

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