Friday, November 05, 2010

We're like the stars

Friday, 5.11.2010
Gloomy morning, it's currently 0830 now. And i'm awake, wow, couldn't sleep anymore. So i decided to update my blog.

Yesterday i spend my afternoon tiding up my room but i only tidy my wardrobe. And i found alot of unwanted clothes inside. Shall clear them next year ^^ Can't wait please. And there are so many things i don't have. Here are the list

-Small sling bag
-More hangers
-Watch, ( Swatch, New gent collection)
-Sunglass (outer color, white)
-Skirts :$
-3/4 jeans
-1/2 jeans
-Fbt (Navy blue)
-More tess
-Tank top
-Shoulder off (:

Okayy that's about it. There's still stuff that i want.
-Lip gloss (Nude)
-Eye shadow ( Brown)
-Skin Food nail polish

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