Monday, December 27, 2010

I want it again

Monday, 27.02.2010
Hello, i'm back from Dragon Boat Chalet! It was awesome please.

Day one
Woke up pretty early inthe morning, went to double check my bag. Used the computer before heading out to meet David they all. Guess i reached there first lo. Then soon one by one came, all boys >< . I only girl, emo man. The train ride was so long, feel so awkward please. They all talking about weird stuff >< . Ewee. Then got myself a seat ^^ . Sit by myself, sobsob. Soon we reach Pasir Ris, like finally please?! Hehe, went to eat at koppi tiam. After that waited for David to come, then went to the chalet there already.
Reach there, omg the place so small >< . Went in settle down, then went to look around at the place. One air con room, two beds. Two mattresses. One bath room. Hmm..that's the important stuff. After that some of them went to rent mahjone table. Since there's nothing to do, i went to play. Argh, so long didn't play, totally forgotten how to -.- . Tsk, after that biyan they all came and nat they too. Watched them play and help kaiyi count, this noob. HAHA! :D
Around evening, some of us went to sleep. Talk and talk, so ended up can't sleep D: . Then went we decided to sleep, need go for dinner already. Went dinner with Nat, Kaiyi, Chern Ping, Gain Wei, Kai Bing, Yong Yao and Shannon. ^^ Shared fried rice with Nat. After that went fair price with them to buy drinks ^^. Went back chalet.

Hiding our face >< DAY TWO
Woke up at 6am in the morning, went for Mac breakfast with Huiting, Nat and Qilong ^^. Hotcake meal, wasn't really nice -.- . So i didn't finish it. Went back, do alittle of packing. Then went to sleep because there's realy nothing to do laaaa ! Argh. Had to listen to songs then can sleep because they talk really loud. After that went up, plan to sleep but Kaiyi asked if wanna play Mahjong, argh! So i went to play for awhile. After that asked them wanna go eat anot, as i was starving .__. Waited for them like so long please. Tsk. I ate meat ball soup, was soso full please. Haha, went to fair price again. LOL, was having a pain stomach ache on the way there.

So went back to chalet with Nat. Talk for alittle, tsk. Reach there, wanted to sleep on bed but no space. So i slept on the stair case >< . Pathetic me. After that the others came back. So i went up again, and i woke David up, i got myself a space to sleep! Hoho, soon the seniors came up too. Everybody end up talking again. LOL! Then we decided to play some games. So funny please.

After that we all went outside to talk. Then went to play catching! Hoho, damn fun laaaa. Heehee, then play freeze and melt. Hehe. Got caught by Don D: and i drop my phone ! (sobsob) After that the food arrive, like so little only D: . Tsk, then we eat the bee hoon ^^ Why no order curry, @#$%^&* D: ! Only mange to eat the bee hoon, one plate. Didn't eat the bbq food man. Only eat one crapmeat. HAHA! After that went out with them, some bought cup noodles and others, ice cream. LOL ! Went back, talk talk. Then went out to eat fishball noodles ^^. Went for short walk too. Came back, sleeppppppp. ZZZ

Woke up early again, went for Mac breakfast. Only ate the hushbrown, no appettie, thanks to my tummy, @#$%^&*. Damn. Came back, slept on the staircase, was soso tired man. Then pack my stuff and waited for time to past. Went off at 9.20am. Sigh, wish i could stay longer with them. I miss them so much. Then trained back to JE alone D: .

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