Friday, December 10, 2010

Never mind about what the haters say. N.E.V.E.R

Friday, 10.12.2010

It's currently 2233 still so early man, D: . So many had happen, good and bad, well can't be bother already. Just let it be, since there's nothing much that can be done. Hoho, next week training shall be awesome. Pk will be coming for all 3 training, oh no ~ ! Shall prepare myself, D: .

Sighhhhhhhhh, i haven't finish my homework man, howhowhow?! Only left chinese and english, the most damn subject >< . One word, boring .__.Hmm, in 12more days it'll be the chalet already man. 7days to our last training. 3days time will be Don's birthday ^^ Holiday is coming to an end soon man D: . School's gonna start soon. I haven't buy my text books yet, not all. I'm not ready for school, all the studying will start again. Sick and tired.

Shall enjoy while i still can. Life is too short, so do the things you want. No regrets.

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