Friday, December 31, 2010

Time for miracles

Friday, 31.12.2010
It's currently 11:11. It's the last day of 2010, in another 45mins or so it'll be 2011 already. WOW, this year ended pretty fast, so much had happened, good and bad. But that's life, isn't it, we just have to live with it. This may not be a good year for me, all the studies, conflicts between friends and team mates, family and B . Although it isn't a good year, still i have many wonderful memories. With family, classmate, friends, team and B.

I'm thankful to have a wonderful family, my loving mum who never fail to get me stuff. My awesome dad who never fail to make me laugh. My great sister who always help me. Not forgetting my wonderful class, 2N1 ! Most loud, loving and brilliant class ! My awesome friends, always here for me, all the laughing, crap and tears we went through together. My strong team, we trained hard together to get back what we didn't. And the chalet was totally great ! Never had so much fun. Hope there will be another chalet next year !

Lastly, B. This times are really hard, i've struggle through 9months of happiness and bitterness but it's all worthwhile. So much had happen, i still remember the first time i meet you ever since you when NS. I was so nervous. Our second meet up was at Yishun, you were sick D: . And our third meet up, like our first date :) . It was really awesome. But because of this date, so much had happen too. I can only put the blame on myself. I just hope she'll trust him soon. After this, i could hardly go out with him already. Everything got harder, but we said we're gonna face it together. And all we hope is that miracle will happen.

Many had happen between us, good or bad. I just hope 2011 will be a better year for us. There's more to come and it's gonna be harder. I love you B, now and always..

On 2011..I want things to change. No more negative thoughts, tears and hate. More positive, laughter and love. Study hard to archived good results. Train hard to be stronger. Be a better person. Build up trust. Have more faith. Able to meet B more. Have more fun with friends.

WELCOME 2011 !

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