Saturday, January 22, 2011

Before the dawn

Saturday, 22.01.2011
Goodmorning people. Heh, i'm up pretty early today. Was suppose to go running at 8:30 but change to 9 instead. So i'm here to update my blog while waiting for time to pass :$ . Lets talk about the week then.

Monday -
Hmm..first period was history, teacher told us there'll be a class test on next thursday D: . Hurhur, gonna start revising and memorising my essay man ! :D . Hoho, next was english. Nothing much though, i teach my friend do thier math homework :$ . Hehee, soon it was recess already. After recess was phy, that Kum's lesson D: . Hurhur, he bully me please, purposely pick on me out of 43 students . Thanks the class for helping me, i just keep laugh only. Heehee, don't like phy lesson now la. Tsktsk. :@ . Soon it was ss, got class test at the end of the month D: . Chinese nothing much, teacher just go through the e-mail writting thingy. Math was fine (Y) .

Math, finish the first topic already. Gonna have test next week too. PE was argh .___. Need to go run run run. D: . Then need pass down the ball while running . But quite funny la :$ ! After resess was POA, got quiz, mange to do 8 out of 10 question, the other two i anyhow guss one la. LOL ! Then phy, english then chem. End school, went for lunch then waited for 2:50 for remedial. After that went for training. :D !

Mass run, hurhur my timing MORE man D: . The previous one was 8min plus and today was 9min plus D: . Ohman, at least it's 10 and below :D . After that was phy again, boring only uh. But was kinda crap please, everybody go attitude him. HAHAH, laugh so funny. After chinese is recess . 4 period of english, finish up the movie, so awesomely nice please ! Then need write compo ? .__. Circle time was boring la.

School was normal, after school went to have early lunch then went to gather for attandence taking, we're going to NEWater. LOL ! Nothing much also la, the trip there was the best, i slept on the bus. ^^ ! Then went we about to left the place our techer scold us but....WHO CARES .__. . Hehe, reach school already she don't let us go, like lame only. Then soon she let as off already la, as usaul same as last time. Exactly the same la, used to it already. Training was awesome la. Love the run :D !

Lesson was fine, untill CEP our teacher made us stand for an hour and 15mins ! -.- Hurhur, so argh . Went for pepper lunch with Sirong then after that went home for piano lessons. After that went running with Sirong again, 3.4km o ^^ . That's about it.

I'll update to night.

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