Monday, January 10, 2011

Long distance ♥

Monday, 10.1.2011
Ohai to my readers :D ! Last week was absolutely busy please. Had to rush through my un-finish powerpoint and busy preparing for CCA Open House. The photo board, have to thank Sirong and Nadia ! :D Thankfully there's isn't any piano lesson on friday, if not i'll be so damn tired D: . Saturday when for CCA open House, well..just hope there'll be alot of new juniors that will join us^^ ! After that when for my Scholarship award ^^ ! Heehee, gonna buy new school bag , pencil case and water bottle? :$ . Shall see how :b !

Sunday when studying with Sirong, suppose to go for morning jog but we were both pretty tired so we cancel the run :p ! HAHAH. Went for breakfast with family ♥ then went to wait for Sirong at bus stop. Reach Library at about 1035, around there. LOL ! Studied for 3 hours and talk alittle. Maybe more than alittle :$ . Hehe, still can't finish my headstart worksheet man D: . Hurhur.

Today went to school with Widy and Eldrigde. Reached school earlier than 7.20 D: . Eweeeeee. History lesson was ok, Mr Shah question us about the WWI D: . I didn't go research or read textbook man D: . Forgotten about it >< . I only know when the WWII start, :b ! Gonna go read about it man. I ♥ HISTORY ! Yay :D ! Today i did my powerpoint slides, so scary please D: . But the good things is i get done with it and have nothing to worry already :D . Awesomeeeeeeee. Phy lesson was " arghhhhhhh >..> " . SS was so funny la, Mr Shah wanted to make a deal with us . He kept calling me to anwer :$ . Chinese was boring, i tried to listen attentively. Math was the best :D ! Heehee, math quiz tomorrow on Indices !

Tomorrow, Math remedial and training :D ! Another tiring day for me but i'll enjoy to the fullest !

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