Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Tuesday, 04012011
First day of school, the boys look so weird in their long pants man, heh. :D ! Everybody seems the same. New principle, sighhhhhh ttm. Don't know how to say la -___- . Don't really like bah. Not gonna go school early man, if not must read story book like primary school please >< . Ewee !

My form teacher this year is............MRS NANI ?! O.O ! And for co-form........MS GONG?! Omg to the MAX ! Sigh, hope my secondary three life will be good >< . But i see all my teacher like cui only. English, poa and science. >< ! Why Mr shah never teach us english D: ?! Bloody hell >< . Hmph ! Wonder who is my Math teacher man ^^ ! Hope for good teacher, praypraypray** .

Busy week man, need to rush the DB photo board, i need to catch up on my math and finish my un-done homeworks >< . I just finish my power point only man ! Yay ! :D .I left SS and headstart homework only. Hehe.

Kay, i gonna end here. Dinner time !
Bye peeps ! x.o.x.o !

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