Friday, February 18, 2011

Wish You Hadn't

Friday, 18.2.2010
HELLO readers :) ! Hoho, it's friday today which means two days of rest before school starts on monday again -___- ! This week was pretty much damnned, came to school late on monday reached after 7.20 only what >< . Like that bully me D: ! So have to sit at the forum to read story book. Then after that sing national song and take pledge. After that our dearest principle not happy with our singing and we are made to sing it for 3 times ? O.O ! After that went bak class, CLASS BY CLASS >< . Luckily i wasn't the only one that's "late" ! Hehee.

This week i've got chemistry, math and POA class test ! Study study study ! Thought i've screwed my POA paper but i actually passed, 6/10 ! Heehee :D . *proud* Anyway, i need to be more hardworking towards POA ! Gonna focus on POA ! Waiting to get back social studies paper ! Waited for almost 2 weeks already D: ! Hmm..i've got 21/25 for history :$ ! Heehee, not very satisfied with the marks though. Shall do better for next test.
Got alot homework man D: ! Arghhhhhhhhh, poa is the worst. Shall not talk about it, pisseddddddddddd ! Everyday also tired and sleepy, how to do self-studying D: ! Got to plan my time properly man. Need to handle school work, piano, cca and others problem. D: ! Sighhhh.

Training was great ^^ ! Having fun with juniors, jiayou to them man ! Training will always be tough but don't ever let that be a exuse for you to quit ! The tougher it is the more you should fight ! :D So don't give up easily alright ! JIAYOU OH :$ !
Going out with primary school friends tomorrow ! Excited much man ^^ !

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