Sunday, March 06, 2011

But can't a girl believe.

Sunday, 6th March.
THIS WEEK WAS REALLY TIRING ! There's test, celebrations, training and practising. Didn't have much time to use the computer man. Monday after school when to gym for awhile and then rush to meet girlfriends to celebrate Yuuchi's birthday ! Went to have Benten Cafe to have our meal ! After that i went off first to meet mama and go granny's place with her.

Didn't have math remedial on tuesday, so i went to training straight with B & J . Training was tough like hell ! It had been sometime since i have a training like this. But this is what we call awesome ! (Y) Training ftw please !

Wednesday, went back home after i had lunc with clique :) ! Study for history class and again i fail to not have a nap ! Woke up and wwnt for dinner. Came back, quickly memorise my essay. And to my suprise...I MANAGE TO MEMORISE IT ! Went to sleep pretty early as my body was aching like hell due to tuesday's training D: !

Thursday, had training again. Was really tiring. Went back home, shower, dinner, do hmwk and sleep ! zzzzzzzzzzzzz !

Friday, the day all students look forward to ! Well it's the weekend the next day alright ! Hoho. After school, went back home to prepare for piano lesson but received a call from teacher saying that lesson will be cancel. Then after that went to jurong west stadium to practise for sports heats ! Did sprinting ! :D Awesome much ok ! Yunting ran damn fast please ! I only manage to win her during the last sprint >< ! HAHA.
Saturday, had training again ! Yeah, i know, must be thinking that we're crazy. Having 6 hours of training is really mad ! Went to meet team at :15, JE mrt. Was crap-ing otw there. Training started at 7:30 . Training ended at 2 . After that we went to change and head to prata shop to have our late lunch ! I had Mee Goreng and Two Ice Milo ! Was really full, i idn't finish my Mee goreng too, think i was over hungry. After that went back home. Elmo asked me to join them for pool but i was too tired :( ! Sorry, will make it up for you soon ! Reach home shower and sleep ! After that went for dinner, i look like i'm half dead already please . At night chat with K & D ! Was really funny and entertaining ! And i'm glad tumblr is working again !

Sunday, woke up rather early today ! Gotta study and maybe going for facial and hair treatment ! I NEED A HAIR CUT FOR MY FRINGE ! So cui only -.- !

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