Friday, April 15, 2011

I'll update again !

Saturday, 16 April 2011 Hello hello hello ^^ ! I'm back here to post, like i promised . Alright, today i went swimming with my sister, at 0830 ! Woke up at 7, wash up and had milo . Then check my stuff and set off to Jurong East Swimming Complex ^^ . Swam from 8plus to 9am . 2O laps, awesome much please ^^ . After that wash up and off to the market to have breakfast ^^ . Had Red Bean Pancake and fishball noodle. (Y) After that went to library with sister. Decided to read finish my novel but ended up reading magazine ^^ . Had Vanilla Muffin for lunch, took an hour to finish it. Was really full please ! Went home first at around 1415. Reached home, shower and dry hair then sleep ! ^^ Slept for quite long, (Y) . Went granny's for dinner. Back home, practise piano and use computer ^^ . Edited a photo of me and KERKSIRONG ^^ ! Lastly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEITING ^^ !

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