Saturday, April 23, 2011

We did it.

Saturday, 23 April 2011 On thursday, 21st April, it was our first race. The Termasek Regatta. We set off at around 7 and reach there at around 8 something. Was pretty excited and nervous as our first heats is the second event at 0910. Reached there, settle down and did warm up. After that coach talked to us.

Soon, we were called down. I was really really, like really nervous. Thankfully B was there for me to hug ^^ ! Her hugs are really warm. Soon we got down into the boat and row to the starting line, our coxwain is David (: . Was really glad to have him although i wanted coach to cox us . Heehee. Once we reach the starting line, we all focus as the race will be starting anytime. Soon..."ARE YOU READY" "SAI" "ATTENTION" *sound of horn* And the race begin. It was a 300m race, we did starts, maintenance and number of hard fives in between. Nefore we all knew it, we reached the finishing line. At that point of time, i could feel my tears rushing to the surface of my eye. But i hold it back. We came in....first for the heats. We were all really happy, full of joy. And our timing was 1:31 .

After the heats we went back to watch the boys team and had banana & redbull . Redbull sucks .__. I missed the heats 2 ): . Soon the final list was out. And our final race is at 1020. Everything happen real fast, and we soon got down for the last race. Really, now or never, like what coach always say: "treat every race as your last race. "

And soon the commander call the command and the race begin. The girls team had really went all out. And we cross the finishinf line, finishing the race 1st. We all cry, tears of joy. We did our seniors and coach proud. We finally got the champion. We were mad happy .

And here are the photos.


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