Thursday, June 02, 2011


Thursday, 2/06/2011
After the hairstyling workshop, Alexie, Shirley, Yunting, Yuuvhi and me all rush back home as we are going to IKEA ! So we all quickly went back home to shower and then off to meet at Jurong east MRT at 1430 . Shirley and i reached first, as usually, Yuuchi they all are slightly late . Trained to Queenstown MRT, missed the bus and as a result we had to wait for 15 minutes. While waiting we watched a old man feeding the birds. LOL ! We even talk to him ! Told him that he should not smoke as it isbad for the health ! Heheh, soon the bus came.

Reached there at 3 plus, went to eat first ^^ ! The food there was really really great (: ! Had chicken wing and muffin ^^ . Awesome much ! After we finish the food, we went to walk around, and took alot photos too. We were like little kids please, how adorable ! We went to the kids bedroom first. The room like a nice only, but the bed like kinda small >___< . We even asked people to take photos for us, epic max.

Then after that, went to the bathroom, alot mirrors and the bathroom like a nice please ^^ ! So clean and white? Hmmm.. After that went to the bedroom there, there's this room that was really beautiful. (Y) After that bus back to the MRT station. It was a really great day for us, filled with laughters .

When we're at the MRT it was really really, i mean really, funny ! Firstly, Yuuchi's flats came off went she run up the escalator . Then after that, it made a sence and we all started laughing and people keep looking at us :$ . Then while waiting for the train we decided to exchange names with each other.

Me > Shirley
Shirley > Alexie
Alexie > Yunting
Yunting > Yuuchi
Yuuchi > Me

So we all started to make fun each other, and soon the train came. It was crowded max but we didn't care much because we were laughing non stop . Damn funny only, thing we caught alot of attention >< ! HAHAHA, it was a really grea day with my lovely girlfriends. I LOVE THEM TO THE MAX, ALWAYS !


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