Saturday, July 09, 2011

Monte Carlo

Went out with girlfriend last monday as it is a school holiday, youth day ^^ ! Woke up early to prepare as we're meeting 0900 at Jurong East mrt. I manage to reach before 0900 though i was the last to reach there. Hehe :$ . After that trained to somerset to watch movie first. Got tickets for Monte Carlo, 1025 . After that went to take a few shots at the mall as there's not much people there. We're pretty early (: .

After that, went to get the free drinks and bought popcorn, nuggurt and wedges. Soon we went in to hall 7 . Damn epic cause got one lady sat on one of our seats. Tsktsk, damn awkward one. Stand there like retard to wait for her to check her own ticket. -__- ! Soon the movie started. Overall i think it's quite a nice movie, 3.5/5 . Got two handsome guy in the movie ^^ ! After that, went to shop abit. Bought a headband and bangles.

Decided to shot our SS video at town instead of Marina Barridge as we wanna shop . Took a total of four video before getting the best one. Okay, i deleted the most funny one as i never thought that i would post about it .. Anyway, there's 3 of it and i already uploaded two of them. I'll post the actual one with the hardwork we did for this project, later (: .

When we're finish, we decided to go Far East Plaza, used the iphone map to walk there ^^ ! Was rather successful alright (: . Reached, went to look for fake eyelash. LOL ! It's freaking fragile. Anyway, shall buy it again some other time ... Bought Ya kun Kaya toast with butter for lunch ^^ ! And bought chicken rice to share with Alexie too ^^ . Yum yum !

Took train to Marina bay. Almost got lost there, cause don't know go where to take the bus. HAHAH, was a freaking hot evening that day ! Reached there, seat down take photo then talk talk abit. Alot people there, all fly kite .__. . HAHAH, soon we went back already. Had great train ride back with them too ^^ ! Love them very very much .

P H O T O S :D !

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