Friday, July 01, 2011


13th JUNE 2011

Decided to go USS with girlfriends as i've got two free tickets and Sam got Us a discount for the ticket. Not only that, we wanted to spend more time together during this school holiday and we have fun. So we planned to go this after me and Yuuchi came back from our 5day trip to Kelantan.

Meet them at JE mrt early in the morning, i was slightly late but Shirley was the last to come, so meet up with her inside the train. As usual, the train ride was always full of laughters. Played our favourite game again, damn ridiculous . Soon we reached vivo, then didn't waste much time and set off to USS already. So many people man, i guess it's because that it is the june holidays. Reached there, like excited only and the weather freaking hot, at least it's sunny ^^ . Took alot of photos too, using Sam's Camera (: .

We took photo with the Woody Woodpecker, like a cute and i love his laughter. After that we went to take photo with the Madagascar animals. Took a merry go round ride too, really damn funny, epic ! HAHA, took photo with a ahma also, AH HA. Then went to FAR FAR AWAY, went to watch Shrek 4-D Adventure. Was pretty amazing and i find it fun. Like a cute, feel like a little girl :$ . Aww.

After that we went to take the Enchanted Airways, go aboard on Donkey’s beloved Dragon for a flight over Far Far Away and beyond. It's was really thrilling as it's been so long since i took a outdoor roller coster, so it kinda frwak me on the first try . Me and Shirley screm like nobody business like that -.- . And i held on to Sam's hand through out the whole flight. :$

After that we went to The Lost World, Jurassic Park, roarrrrrrrrrrrr ! Went to try the Canopy Flyer. OMG please, this ride really really freak me as my legs are flying -___- . Scream my lungs out and i think alot people staring at us and wonder " WAH, that girl up there must be insane " . Epic fail, Don't really like this ride .___. . Then we proceed to the Ancient Egypt,like finally as we all damn excited about he ride Sam & Alexie telling us, Revenge of the Mummy. OMG please, just hearing them talking about his reminds me of a roller coster i took in gold coast, movie world.

Was really scare cause i'm sitting at the most corner. The whole ride was shocking and crazy. It was really fast and it's really relly damn thrilling. There was moment wherei gone into complete stun and blankness. I was in great shock. After the first half, i was almost dead, i could hardly breath and before i know it,everything happen again and soon it ended. Broke down into tears and having breathing difficulties. Think i freak my grilfriends out. But soon. i'm fine already.

Shall continue past 2 tomorrow. ^^

Enjoy the photos !

Our tickets ^^


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