Saturday, August 13, 2011

Constantly reminding me

This week suppose to be awesome firstly there isn't lesson for three days which already good enough to make it a good week however this week isn't as good as what i thought it would be. Not gonna go into details anyway. Monday after the National Day Celebration i went home straight. Then on Tuesday went o visit my cousin, glad that she's back home alr . Oh and Happy Belated 46th Birthday SG ! Wednesday went out with my primary school friend, had a great time. Thursday lesson start wasn't in much of a mood for school and...shall not talk bout it. Training was tiring. Friday got back my POA class test, failed badly like a dog. o___>

Anyway i would like to thank those who had encouraged me on not giving up on my studies and that if i have the will to do it, nothing is impossible. I-M-POSSIBLE 
Anyway tomorrow gonna stay home and mug !  

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