Monday, August 01, 2011

Leave me a note (: .

Hey guys, do support the Taiwan Spree that I've spent so much time on just for you guys. If there's any type of clothes you guys want, just leave me a comment. I'm sure I can find something nice for all of you :) . Or maybe you would like romper, jumper, maxi dress, biker jacket, tanktops, high waist shorts and ect . Just leave me a comment.

Sorry if I'm doing a really bad job as it's my first attempt on trying to take in orders for you guys . If there's anything that I can improve on leave me a comment alright. I'll be glad to be able to know what you guys think about and how I can improve on. So I really hope that you guys will give me your full support as I'm selling this clothes really really cheap already compared to some of the blogshops that I've seen . The only thing is that you can't get your items in 1 to 2 week times but maybe about a month or more. I think it's totally worth as long as it's cheap (: . But I totally understand that not everybody can wait for such long period of time, because sometimes it bugs me too. But when my items arrived I'll be like so happy.

I'll be updating on the new Spree on every Friday or Saturday so do look out for the new apperals that I'll be updating !

Leave a comment or send me a mail @ !

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