Monday, August 29, 2011

Like a firework show

Hey guys, I've gotten back some of the recent test result . Math term test 11/30 . English term test 42.5/65 . POA test ( Bad debts & Provision for Doubtful debts ) 15/20 . SS test 19/25 . Still got Chemistry and SS (26th), have not taken back yet . Anyway, had a talk with my form teacher on Friday regarding bout my grades. Why suddenly drop and why I've become like that . Seriously, all I can say is I'm just really tired of studying . And she kept saying that i'm capable to do better than now. Sigh. Although I did regret not studying for the past 8months but there's nothing I can do but to use the remaining 1 month to revise and catch up before my End of Year . I'm trying to catch up with my accountings first, and I'm loving accounting more and more. I'd like to thank Beecheng too for motiving me and helping me . 

And for math, I'm still thinking if I should buy the 3B assessment book, 17$ . Why so expensive. Anyway, I went to buy the solution book for Ten year Series. Only 5$ . Oh, about my math term test, I'm pretty upset and pissed off . As I was doing my correction for the term test before my math class, I actually know how to do the entire paper . And the answer are correct . So I was wondering to myself . Why can't I do it during the test day itself . Really need to do more math . 

Other the Math and Accountings . I still have science . I'm counting on the second half year topic instead of the first half year topics . Anyway, have to do so much revision in a month time . I heard for my humanity teacher that SS & History paper only have 1.5hour to complete 4 SBQ AND 2 ESSAY . This is like committing suicide ); . 

As for English and Chinese there ain't much I can do . Language if can means can if cannot means cannot . That's what I think. Language if I can get B4 is really enough . Anyway, I gotta prepare myself when I get back my term report . The coming September 1 week holiday will be my study break, gotta absorb as much things as I can . Will be busy on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday . Hmm, Wednesday might be going out with the babe for Smurf and Kbox ? Not very sure though . Oh, today (29th) will be going Sakura with some of my 2N1'2010 classmate for lunch then after that go catch movie ^^ . Spent and Eat = bad xD . 

Saturday went to flea market with Yuuchi @ Singapore Art Musuem . Bought 2skirts, 17$ . Saw Quiting at the flea, pretty girl (; . After that went to grab something to bite at DOME . Had Walnut Banana Muffin while Yuuchi had Potato Wedges . Andand saw two really handsome waiters, melts* . Kept looking at them and we actually ate slowly to stay longer. I'll post the photos tomorrow night . Along with the outing ^^ . 

Nights (: . 

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