Saturday, August 06, 2011

No big deal

My first attempt in trying KOI, okok, i know i'm slow alright. 
Drank vanilla milktea, it's nice but i don't find it special or why is it that KOI is so popular.
Anyway,i shall try some of the others next time .

I've been relying on berries alot lately, trying to change my snacks habit to eating fruits instead of biscuits.
AND..i used to eat strawberries with sugar, i know it's weird and unhealthy but it's nice.
Anyway, i've been eating the strawberries plainly (: .
Strawberries can improve brain health and slow down aging, maybe i'll look younger ^^ .

Went to eat WENDY'S too at Jurong point with Yuuchi the other day.
As she wanted to have her lunch there so i accompany her. Just nice, i could use the coupon Alexie gave me.
4nuggets for SGD 1.50 , the nuggets taste really nice (: .
Overall, the food there is pretty not bad since Yuuchi love it so much.

Search for this romper high and low in my wardrobe and my mama's.
As I've told Yunting that i've got a romper that i didn't wear so i thought maybe she wouldn't like to have a look at it. it is.

Last night was really bad, i could hardly sleep despite how tired i am . Worst there ain't no air conditional.
I slept for last then 4hours, short naps in between .__. .
Anyway, this is one of my favourite night dress?

Today's outfit, top from SCAPE flea market and bottom from Taiwan spree.
Suppose to deliver goods with mama by car, for the first time, but her car kinda broke down?
So in the end, she had to cancel all her meet ups and go to the parol station to fix the problem.
After the car had been repaired, we went to jurong west to get some "kuah" .

B & W stripe dress with red outer.
This is actually a tanktop but it's kinda long so i decided to take it as a dress (: .
Got it from Taiwan spree too (: .

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