Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Keep going

Been so long since I last went for a evening jog, and I only manged to endure the run and the hot sun for 30minutes. Wanted to run for at least 45minutes but failed. Anyway, tomorrow morning i will be going for another run I guess, since today I've eat Mac breakfast, seaweed crackers & two scopes of ice cream ( Lemon Sorbet & Cookies'n'Cream ) ! Yummmmmmmy !  Almost went to eat XXL fried chicken. Phew.

Went to Daiso to play, hehe ^_^ ! Bought the crackers and moo moo sweets there, I also bought my hair pin. Gonna go there again soon to get something else ^_^ ! Went to catch Johnny English Reborn too, had a great laugh :D .

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