Saturday, October 15, 2011

Till the world ends

Yesterday went out with Yuuchi, Alexie and Shirley to bugis to do some shopping, exams are finally over.
I didn;t buy much, just got myself a dress 15$ when it's suppose to be 22$ ! Thanks to Alexie and the uncle for being so nice . Yuuchi bought the most, as usual ^_^ ! Had a really great day with them ! Will never forgot the journy back from bugis to jurongeast ! Damn freaking epic and kept laughing ! Reall get things off my mind, even if it's awhile. 

Today when to the Flea at Scape, with Sirong ^_^ ! Bought a pretty button ring and...A Dream Catcher necklace ! Finally got it already, gonna get more if i see it again ^_^ ! Oh, forgotten to mention that today i saw a very pretty heels at New look ! And I really wanna get it. If can't afford then I'll just get the one i saw at bugis instead. 25$ only and it's really pretty ! I wanna get ne wslippers from Cotton on soon ! What color to get? Pink or purple? Or blue? 

Tomorrow gonna have dinner with whole, big big, family to celebrate my Grandma's birthday ^_^  ! I really love her, hope that she'll be always be young at heart and good health ! Hopefully i'll get lots of photos for you guys.

Shall end the post here. 
xoxo Jay

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