Thursday, November 10, 2011

His fire to thaw my ice

Mmmm, todya morning woke up specially early just to cook my omelette breakfast ^_^ . What's in the omelette : Cheese, longbean & luncheon meat. What to do : Cut everything into smaller pieces. Beat the egg. Heat up the pan. Then pour the egg in before pouring the ingredients. After that flip half of it and it's done.

Okay, you gotta remember to have control of the fire if not will become like normal fried egg. And must be super gentle yep ^_^ ! This Saturday morning gonna cook this and let mummy try :p .

After training, went back home by MRT and bus, bought MR bean to eat for lunch. Reached home, shower, wash dishes then wait for hair to dry before taking a nap. Didn't sleep long, about an hour only and I've already woke up. After that, went to eat some SEAWEED BISCUIT ! Damn, I love ot. My favorite junk food now :p .

Oh, if you look closely at the photo, you'll notice my arm that there's a difference in my skin tone.


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