Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Pick it up

Today, all YCSS dragon boaters went to school for CIP ! Had a fun time with my dearest Sec 3 girls, was playing and laughing like hell ^_^ ! LOVE them. Then after the CIP, waited for the others to gather back at canteen. Talk with Biyan and the sec 2, damn funny yep. And, I gotten my CCA photo already, i look so retarded in the photo D: . Soon, went back home :) .

Afternoon went to Vivo to catch In Time, it was a really nice movie ^_^ ! As usual, went to DAISO to buy food to eat ^_^ ! After movie went to buy...GONGCHA ! Milk tea with Herbal jelly. YUMMMMMMY ! Soon, went back home already. Great day ! 
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