Monday, December 05, 2011

Because nothing I do will ever be as bad as what you did to me.

Greetings to all 

Sunday I decided to go Bugis, well by myself. As usually, I'm always found going out alone. Anyway, this are the things that I bought on that day. 

10 Pairs of fake eyelash for 5.90$ . 
Gave one pair to Yuuchi ^_^ ! 

Eyelash Adhesive in black, for 7+$ . 
Like kinda expensive. 

Look at my poor iPhone, the behind cracked till like so pathetic.
But actually look kinda cool, *bite lips
Anyway, I have nothing to fear anymore because I've got myself a new iPhone cover already ! 
Cool huh :p . 

It's not like I'm some kitty fan but I just love this iPhone cover so much. 
Although it costed me bout 18$. I love so much alright ! 

See that cute little small ribbon thing. It's plucked into the earpiece hole thingy. 
I got for free and i Saw this at Bugis street, freaking 5$ for such a small thing ?!
Not cool.

xoxo Jay

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