Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Here comes goodbye.

I'm so so sorry for not having any interest post up, because lately I seldom went out and even if I've went out, sometimes didn't take any photo. And there isn't anything interest to blog about since I seldom get any question on my formspring. So I'm planning to delete my account already. Because my formspring like rotting only. Damned. 

Anyway, I'm rushing to complete my holiday assignment, fast. And I'm planning to not do my Chinese assignment till the teacher chase after me for it. Math ACE learning, 20 MCQ, I lazy do, so anyhow choose, 9/20 ): . Humanities, SS&HIST 8 SBQ. I only manage to do 4 out of all 8 ): . English worksheet, didn't do close passage. Accounts, two final accounts question but all cannot balance, very depressing please. Now left Math worksheet, I think got two papers is one. ): Shall use two days to complete it. Then going to redo my accounts assignment, I don't believe I can't balance it. 

Tomorrow goign USS with Shirley, afterhour ^_< . Damn excited please !
Probably gonna shop for Christmas present too (: . 
Hopefully will take alot of photos yep.

xoxo J

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