Friday, December 02, 2011


Spent my Wednesday out with my ex-school mates, RUIMIN & TERESA ! 
Went to SingPlaza for movie, Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn . ^_^ 
After that went to Somerset 313, found a place to sit down, get some drinks, chit chat and take photo.
Went to Ion after that for dinner at XINWANG HK Cafe . Saw this really young and cute waiter :$ .
After that train back to Jurong East, Mama came to fetch me back. (: 

Alright, shall let the photos do the talking (: . 

Normal makeup : Aqua Protection Lotion, M.A.C foundation, M.A.C blusher, Bobbi Brown shadow, Maybelline Baby lip & NYX Matte Lipstick. 
Outfit : Cropped top, Bandage skirt, High heel and Kate Spade bag. 

It was really awesome and we're all so excited for the part 2 that we're gonna catch it together next year ! 

We're all using Iphone, just that Teresa's Iphone is black.

Look at the crack, pretty or what. 
Wait till I get my new Iphone cover yep !   

Look !!! My pretty girlfriends, love them both so much ! 
Where's Peggie ): . 

See, this girl so engross in her game but her high score like that xD .
How can?! :p


Wanted to play KartriderRush but the updated version cannot multi-player. 
Is it true? Anybody got any idea bout this?!! 

Hey, secretly take a photo of me, how can :$ ! 

Don't mess with us alright xD . 

Out of facial expressions. 
But I love this photo so much (: ! 

After that went to ION to have dinner, XIN WANG ! 
There's a really cute and young waiter that served us ! 
Awwww, he damn cute. Think I confused him when ordering 2 ice water and 1 warm water. 
Then he repeat the order in chinese saying " 2 warm AND..... " (Correcting himself)  " 2 ice and 1 warm"
Heehee ^_^ ! 

Sizzzzzzzzzzzzling Hot ! 


Fishy & chipy. 

Didn't really finish our food. 
Want some leftover ? 

xoxo Jay

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