Friday, December 16, 2011

Temple Run

Today went out with my girlfriend, so long didn't hang out together already ^_< . 
Woke up early in the morning, shower, choose outfit then prepare prepare.
Normal makeup & curled my hair. 
Today's outfit

  Normal tee with brown shorts ( tuck in) W stockings

 Few shots of myself before heading out, can see my curls not? 

For the first in a long time, I'm actually early by 20minutes ^_< .
Damn proud that I ain't the one that's late yo. Both my friend and the customer late. 
Lucky I in good mood so wouldn't mind waiting (: .

Yuuchi only reach after 11am so she's late but it's okay lah.
Trained to bugis, woah the train ride freaking slow and long please. 
Me & Yuuchi on train also damn crap, keep laugh & laugh only. Spoiled reputation, doesn't matter :p . 

Soon we reached Bugis, went to the foodcourt to have our brunch/lunch .
Something damn epic when we went up to the foodcourt, shall not mention it. *shakehead* 

After that went to bugis street, wanted for Yuuchi's friend to come and settle lunch at burger king. 
Went shopping at bugis street, I only bought one tee shirt. PUAL FRANK ! 
Yuuchi bought, two bottoms, 1 top and 2 rings. I think that's all already.

Then after that we got tired decided to go burger king to rest, and I bought Oreo bites ^_< .
*sinful loads*
After that we started playing TEMPLE RUN ! Now I addicted to it already, damn fun and thrilling man ! 
My highest score only 40 thousand plus . *frown* 

What's a day out with my girlfriend without any photos taken !

 Above photo, fail shot #1
Look what Yuuchi did ! >< 
Take so many shots of me, lucky I cover my face. If not my face confirm will look damn epic and blur.
And at the end of this few shots, you can see the photo get's more blur. She must be laughing, that's why !!!

Shall end my post here
xoxo J

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