Thursday, December 08, 2011

The voice in your head that says that you can't do this is a LIAR.

 Yesterday I was so bored that I decided to try on false eyelashes that I bought the other day.
 To be honest, I applied the glue so many times, cause couldn't get it properly stick on.
Sometimes can easily put on the left side, sometimes can easily put on the right side
Never once was both side easy.

And one more thing, my fringe too long already that it can rest on top of the eyelash. 
Shall cut back slant soon, but I couldn't bear to cut my fringe away.
Got to convince myself that it'll grow. 

After that, did my normal make up, just a light one.
Pretty sad that I don't really apply black eyeliner on the top of my eyelash anymore already. 
And not to forget, I don't have any eyeliner or should I say, I used dark brown eyeshadow as my eyeliner.
Need to get use to using eyeliner if I'm gonna put on false eyelashes.

Shall let the photo do the talking.

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