Saturday, December 17, 2011

Your little girl ♥

Hello hello ^_< .
Today was way awesome, finally got to meet my pretty sister, ShihQian.
When to AMK Hub to meet her for lunch and catch a movie. 
She bought me to her house nearby the coffeeshop to treat me eat the famous Duck rice stall there.
Had Duck & Char Siew Rice, very nice but got alot fats siol. 
The chilli also nice but they give so little only. Overall it's freaking nice.

After that took a few shots of photo while waiting for the rain to stop so we can head back for our 345 movie, Mission impossible. ^_< 
Damn funny and thrilling please ! 
Damn epic, the seat we choose is in between two couples, suay max.

Hmmm, was a really enjoyable day with her, she's so lovable and funny !
Kept laughing non-stop. 

Hope to meet up with her soon !!!

xoxo J

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