Saturday, April 21, 2012

I don't live up to people's expectations.

7TH APRIL 2012
Went to two flea, Singapore flyer with Bernice and Scape, alone. 
Didn't bought anything for the first time but managed to get good food.

TORI Q is just awesome! ^_^

Back at home after a long day.
HEHE ^^ 

11TH APRIL 2012
Someone made breakfast for me ^_^

13TH APRIL 2010
Sports day, love this year's class tee, so adorable ^_^. 


Wasn't a good day for me at all, a tearful night, such nights I just wish to vanish away.
Bygones be bygones.

15TH APRIL 2012
Went to Macdonalds to study with Nadia and Bernice.
Preparing in advance for mid-year.

Following week, busy with Dragon boat, and soon it'd 20TH APRIL 2012. 
Had fun with my team mates on that day. Took so much photo with the girls.
Had so much fun playing too! xD

21 APRIL 2012
Study with the girls again and piano lessons too. 
Tomorrow will be focusing on humanities subjects and math. 

To the friends that I can trust, where are you.


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