Wednesday, June 20, 2012

keep running.

Recently I've been going jogging/running by myself at Pandan Reservoir. 
I've completed 3km, 3.5km & 4km so far already.Finished 4km in 28minutes.
Will start back from 3km again, I completed it in 20minutes, going to try finishing it in 18minutes.

It's good to go running often if you want to enjoy food and lose weight at the same time instead of starving or purging. Exercising is awesome, cardio and also drink lots of water. Remember to warm up before the run and do stretching after the run, important!!! 

Here's some photo I got at the Reservoir, had a good time alone there, spent some time with myself. 
Yeah, that's exactly what I need, may seem like a loner thing but whatever. I enjoy being there, looking out at the reservoir under the hot sun. Random thoughts. 

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